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How often you get to experience a four-day-long wedding? Even for us, this kind of extravaganza celebration hasn’t come so often. But when it does, it blows you away. The colors, the fabrics, the embroidery… all the little details, all the laughs, and all the tears: they all have meaning behind them.
The whole thing started quietly with the gathering of close family members and their traditional blessing. But then little by little, it accelerated into a big love fest and before you knew it felt like you were in one of those Bollywood movies.

( Testimonial by the Bride) Excellent work by Dom! I love the way he captures each moment of your big day gracefully!

Really appreciate the hard work and dedication he puts to deliver the end product!

He understands each and every expectation and works towards delivering it!

Thank you, Dom,​ for the awesome work and making beautiful memories for us!!!!!​- Navneet.

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