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Fake Proposal, True Love

Since Jason and Michelle live outside of the Bay Area, we never met them until their wedding day. Of course, before the wedding, we made sure that we got all the information about their wedding and what they wanted in their wedding film. Yet we had no idea about how the couple met.
So on the wedding day, out of nowhere, while Michelle was getting ready, she started to tell the story of how they met to her friends. I grabbed my camera and started to shoot the whole thing. It wasn’t in the original plan to even shoot and include this story in the highlight film at all. But after much thought and contemplation, I knew that their love story was fascinating (almost like a romantic comedy movie) so I decided to include it. The story is of how a fake proposal turned into a true love, and a wedding a decade later… (Please see this highlight film at the bottom of this page)

( Testimonial ) When choosing a videographer, I really didn’t know where to start. None of my friends really gave me any recommendations, so I had to look on the internet. I came across Dom and Bay Area VDO Productions. One view of the highlight video on their website and I was sold. The video looked so amazing. But I thought, our video will probably only be half as good (because that was probably the best work they ever did). Well, I was wrong.
When we first talked to Dom on the phone he was friendly and very accommodating. Due to my wife and me not living in the Bay Area, we had corresponded only though e-mails and phone contact. We only met Dom on the day of our wedding. After speaking with Dom though, he put us at ease and we felt confident that he would do a great job. Once again, we underestimated Dom. He not only did a great job, he did an outstanding job.
On the day of the wedding, Dom and his crew were professional and fun. They stayed out of the way when they needed to be, but were the first to step into the front to make sure that a particular event was being captured. They were not demanding and most of the time I only remember seeing them in the corner of my eye, filming everything. After receiving and viewing all the footage, we noticed that Dom and his crew filmed everything. They didn’t miss a thing.
The final project was worth the wait. Our friends and family initially thought it was taking too long, but once they watched it, everyone cried at how beautiful the video was and admitted that the wait was worth it. Every time my wife and I watch the video, we tear up a bit because it is so beautiful. We’ve seen other peoples videos (not from Bay Area VDO) and they are basic and are nice, but they are not even close to the quality and artistry of ours. Watch the previews on the website and see the quality of the shots and the awesome editing.
Dom is not just a videographer, he is an artist and the way he edited our video it was almost as if he were a part of our family and wanted the best shots and the best editing (which he does for all his clients). Dom also seemed like he put his whole heart into the project (which he did), which we appreciate. Thank you Dom and Bay Area VDO for making us a video that we will cherish forever. -Jason

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