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How Do Two People Meet?

How Do Two People Meet?
Well, there are so many ways that two people can meet and find each other. It could be from a mutual friend, a blind date, or online… the list goes on and on. But one thing interesting about Winnie and Ryan is, even though they grew up in totally different cultures and surroundings, they both developed a great passion for animals since they were young. That led both of them to the same college and occupation and that’s how they met. And the rest of the story? When I met them, and all through the process of wedding, I really felt that they share the same brain. Not only do they have a great passion for animals and work in the same occupation, but they also really think alike in everything… it’s amazing how two people who grew up in totally different cultures can share the same mind like they do. The song they used for the music video is also very interesting. It’s the kind of the song that you never hear in wedding videos but I found the way to work with it and the result is something that we’ve not seen in the wedding videos before.

P.S. The couple and us, also featured in “Style Unveiled San Francisco”. You can find them at http://styleunveiled.com/sfrealweddings/winnie-and-ryan.html

( Testimonial ) As we were planning our wedding, we never factored in a wedding videographer into our budget. However, after long debate with our families we decided that it was imperative to get video because truth be told, the day goes by so fast, that we will never have an opportunity to relive those moments in time. My wife and I tend to cross reference everything we purchase so when it came to finding a videographer, Bay Area VDO Production was actually one of many possible videographers we considered. After meeting Dom in person, we were both sold. His professionalism, promptness, and easy to get along with attitude made us both feel at ease in our decision. He also was happy to work within our budget. After our meeting, I remember telling my wife how happy and confident I feel with Dom and I think it was one of the better decisions we made in our wedding planning process. Weeks before the wedding, Dom would send us emails reminding us of song selections and always asking us if we had any other requests or questions. I appreciated the fact that he was on top of this and it made our lives a little easier without having to worry about something else for the big day. On the day of the wedding, Dom and his assistant showed up on time and began filming. They filmed the entire day and were not intrusive. Most of the time, we even forgot that they were there filming! After the honeymoon, Dom provided our wedding footage and music video on time as promised. The packaging was beautiful as well! Dom has an amazing talent and was able to edit the raw footage into a wonderful edited video for us. He used mostly music that we selected, and it all blended together so nicely! The music video montage was excellent as well. He knows how to draw the viewers into the moment as if they were living it. I can not stop watching our wedding music video. I feel like I am in my own movie and it’s a great feeling. Dom definitely exceeded my expectations and we both love our wedding footage. Thank you Dom! I would highly recommend him to anyone planning on a wedding. I understand that most couples don’t even consider a wedding videographer because its just something that often gets overlooked due to the importance placed on getting your wedding photographed. However, Dom stands out in the crowd with his ability to capture these priceless moments in time and years from now we will always relive those emotions as we watch our wedding footage and someday we can share that with our children. Thanks again Dom. Win and I are very happy with everything!!

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