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Yellow my love. ( Accidentally In Love )

Bay Area Wedding Videography By Bay Area V D O Production for Shari & Eddie from www.bayareavdoproduction.com on Vimeo.

What good could possibly come out of your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere? Well… let’s just say ” Love”. Shari’s car broke down in an unfamiliar area. Thank goodness that Eddied happened to live in this area. Even though they barely knew each other at the time, Shari decided to call him and ask him to come out and help her. And the rest is the history….
Is yellow is the new white for weddings? I do not know but from my 6 years of experience in wedding videography, I’ve never seen yellow as the main color of a wedding before…
Well… not until this year when I’ve just seen Yellow appear in a couple of weddings. I still think it’s rare and hard to pull this color off (especially if you pick the wrong shade of yellow) but this time, our couple not only pulled it off, I think, it went so well with the whole wedding that it even gave me the sense of a lovely, sentimental, and personal yet very delicate feeling. That’s also how I would describe our bride Shari and her wedding. One of the most sentimental moments in this wedding is at the very beginning of this music video, when Shari puts on her dress and cannot hold back her tears. Another was, toward the end of the video, when Shari performed and surprised her Groom with a Hula dance (Shari’s family come from Hawaii ). For me, This wedding give me such a wonderful and warm feeling. Just like Yellow, Love and the Sun.
( Testimonial ) I’ve watched our wedding dvd over and over again – just like Dom said I would! There is so much detail that each time I notice something new! It’s amazing. Dom and his crew did such a fabulous job capturing all the memories of our wedding. I am so glad that not only did we decide to get a videographer, but going with VDO Production. From the very beginning, Dom made us feel very comfortable and calm – a nice feeling to have when you’re in the middle of planning a wedding! I loved working with Dom because he’s very professional, timely, sweet, and organized. Our wedding video turned out SO WELL – artistic and tasteful. It also meant a lot to me that he included a lot of footage of me and my grandfather. I hadn’t said anything to Dom, but he said that he could tell that my grandfather was an important person to me and got a lot of him on film. I really really appreciated that. Thank you so much Dom (and your assistants) for working with us. We love the finished product and couldn’t be happier.

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