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The Promise

Bay Area V D O Production for April and Geno from www.bayareavdoproduction.com on Vimeo.

Five years ago, before Geno got deployed to Fallujah, he promised April that “No matter what he will come back and be her man”. It sounds so simple but you and I know this means so much pain, tears and fighting that both of them would have to go through to fulfill the promise.
It involved a lot of patience and waiting and could be the hardest thing. But 5 years later, here we are at one of the most emotional and sentimental weddings. They really cried a lot and you will totally understand once you know what both of them had to get through to get to this day: the day that the Geno became April’s man, as he promised. I just have to say that by the end of wedding half of the people at the wedding were weeping.
( Testimonial ) First of all I am an Active Duty Service Member serving in San Diego. All of our family lives in the Bay Area. Dom and the rest of the Bay Area VDO Production crew was more than flexible in dealing with our situation of planning our wedding and coordinating with him from San Diego through out the whole process. They helped us coordinate everything from setting up meetings between him and our family for payments, music for our videos, times and places to shoot our video and general wedding tips. Having to coordinate with a client so far away, they were more than patient with us having to communicate through e-mail and voicemails due to my hectic and ever changing schedule due to the miltary. As difficult as it was, Dom made it as easy and as stress-free as possible.
On our big day, Dom’s staff executed capturing every moment flawlessly. At times, it was as if they weren’t even there. The only time we really knew they were there was when one of their staff was actually helping my bride get ready and grabbing last minute things we forgot out of the house for the transition to the Church. We were so excited to see the finished products that we called and e-mailed Dom atleast 3 times a week waiting for the video. As annoying as we might have been, Dom was very patient and understanding; it actually seemed as if he was as excited about our video as we were. I can honestly say that they were able to capture every tear, smile, laugh and cry from our day. Watching what they had made for us gives us the opportuity to relive every moment from our Wedding. They have truely given us a timeless gift that we will cherish all the years of our Marriage.
Bay Area VDO Production, THANK YOU. Because of you, we are able to enjoy and remind ourselves of how happy and how much we love each other.
Geno & April

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